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What makes FWM special?

  • Founded by renowned financial journalists who bring exceptional business and communication expertise to every client engagement
  • Access to a team of highly credentialed, seasoned traditional and new media professionals
  • State-of-the-art multimedia expertise
  • Ability to understand and communicate our clients' products, services and competitive advantages
  • A business partner's understanding of marketplace dynamics and challenges
  • Adept and experienced at serving financial and professional services firms as well as growth-oriented entrepreneurial companies

project: A mid-size professional services company uses multimedia communication tools put together by FraserWalbert Media to accelerate global expansion and growth.

As this company initiated a global marketing effort, some key media elements were missing. FraserWalbert Media retooled this client's communications menu to support a major rebranding and move into new service lines and global regions. Over three years, working hand-in-hand with the client, FWM helped create a corporate magazine, podcast series, redesigned website, TV/print ad campaign, and more.

With marketplace awareness enhanced by FWM media products, client revenues more than tripled.

project: A mid-tier management consulting firm aims to out-perform larger competitors with a multifaceted media campaign devised by FraserWalbert Media

In a highly competitive consulting arena, FWM developed a new branding message and multimedia materials to empower a regional consultant to successfully transition itself to a leading international position. State-of-the-art print, online, and audio products showcase the firm's little-known success record and unique strategic approach. A sophisticated media campaign targets global business executives, private equity firms, and public stakeholders.

FWM's savvy multimedia campaign convinced a demanding global audience, enabling this firm to achieve its goal of establishing a top-tier marketplace ranking.

project: A growth-oriented financial advisory firm retains FraserWalbert Media to enhance its client publication.

As FWM recognized, this firm's growth and profitability depended upon timely, value-added communication with its customers, in order to distinguish itself in a marketplace jammed with financial institutions competing for high-end clients. FWM diagnosed problems within an existing client communication series and transitioned it into a must-read publication appropriate to the needs and interests of individual investors.

This advisory firm continues to strengthen essential client communications and solidify its position as a leading regional provider.

project: An investment management firm operating in a hedge fund market niche engages FraserWalbert Media to build a website that communicates the firm's mission and increases client connectivity.

Serving sophisticated investors who expect ready access to key investment information, this client needed a comprehensive website that would allow shareholders to view current investment positions, performance data, market commentary, and more. Password protection was required to meet SEC standards. With an eye toward creating a site that would encourage shareholder visits by efficiently presenting essential information, FWM prepared the site architecture, graphic design, password protection system, and all content describing the firm's financial strategies and operations.

The new website opens a vital communication channel to clients, strengthening relationships and bringing clients closer to the firm.