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An effective communication campaign is about much more than marketing or public relations.

• It's about value-added information — with the emphasis on value.
• It looks great. It shouts out (or whispers): Pay attention.
• It delivers results. It meets your company's goals. It exceeds them.

What are your company's communication objectives? Are you reaching out to existing or prospective clients, institutional or individual investors, employees, or other key constituents? Are you aiming to accelerate revenue growth, expand into new markets, demonstrate expertise, outmaneuver your competition, or achieve other essential goals?

Which communication strategy will best achieve these results? There's no one-size-fits-all formula for success. But there are countless ways to fail.

FraserWalbert Media will help you deliver need-to-know info to your target audience in whatever way makes best sense for them … and your company … and your bottom-line objectives. Consider the possibilities:


When you want people to listen to your company's message, it's often most effective to give them something to listen to. Top-quality audio materials are user-friendly, informative, and impactful for even the busiest of multitaskers.

Examples: podcasts, audio web files, CDs, audio tapes


We may be living in a multimedia universe, but there's still something irresistible about beautifully designed, well-written print materials. They're right for mailings, meetings, and many other uses.

Examples: newsletters, corporate magazines, white papers, bylined articles, marketing toolkits, employee communications, advertorials


The best way to combat the competition is with outstanding online communications. With cutting-edge graphics, timely information, and a targeted focus, your company's website and Internet activities will synergistically enhance your print and audio materials.

Examples: website design, email blasts, online publications, blogs, interactive elements, webcasts

Media Training

Energize your company's communication strategy by capitalizing upon media opportunities to share expertise, insights, and key messages. But don't say yes until you and your colleagues are ready to shine.

Examples: speech writing and rehearsals, mock interview sessions, media training for appearances on television and radio


Communication Diagnostics

You know the questions: What is and is not working? What's missing from your marketing and communication mix? How can your company raise the bar? We'll help you find the answers.

Examples: diagnostic assessments of communication and marketing strategies; evaluations of audio, print, and online materials; and more